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Hope Is Where the Heart Is

Celebrate Life Ya Un' Mission Incorporated Welcomes You

The Bible teaches that Christ, who is the head of the Church, is kind, tender-hearted, compassionate, patient, forgiving, loving and humble.
We, his followers, are expected to be “like Him”.  As we bring love and hope, peace and happiness to those Christ told us to serve; the lease and the last, the lost and forgotten in our community.

Celebrate Life Ya Un' Mission Incorporated at a Glance

A coming together to celebrate all important events in a person’s life.

The mission of Celebrate Life is to…

  • Show that Christ died for everyone, the rich and the poor.

  • Value the life of each individual.

  • Uplift each members spirit and soul by celebrating individual birthday and anniversaries, employment, births and other significant life events.

  • Give each member the sense that their lives are of value and the hope for a brighter future.

  • Help each member know and share the love of the community.

  • Ensure that each member knows they are wanted and needed, loved and valued members of the community.


Celebrate Life stories

Life stories

Through their abandoment, frastration, addiction, abuse, confusion, homelessless, and hunger……..

They learn to love god…


….. Has been a homeless veteran for 10 yrs…

He said, coming to our celebrations gives him hope and purpose to live life agiain…

He found himself a job, and now has his own apartment and car …

Foster …

Has been homeless for  5 years …

He said, he had not seen his family in 8 yrs. But coming to the birthday celebration give him hope of seeing his family again

He was able to find a job and he give god the glory…


An 84 yrs. Old…

Said she felt a since of belonging by coming to celebrate her birthday with others.


Praise god for Celebrate Life  providing such opportunity for people to celebrate together. He felt special again

John and his 8 yrs old. Daughter

John came in with his 8 yrs. Old daughter to celebrate his late wife birthday (the little girl mom). He states, coming to the celebration he felt love  and did not want his daughter to feel lonely on her mother’s birthday, since they had no other family here.

Mary from kanya, africa

Brough in her 86 yrs. Old blind mother to celebrate her birthday. She said she could not afford to have a party for her mother due to extra cost, but most importantly she gets to celebrate it with others, since all their family are not here.

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