Advancing Our Agenda

Birthday Celebrations

It is our commission to bring individuals together to celebrate birthday and life events within an atmosphere of unconditional love and faith as Christ commanded.


High School Graduation Celebration

We would like to offer you the opportunity to sponsor a graduation celebration for families who cannot afford to recognize their children with some kind of celebration.
Please sponsor this event with a monetary donation, Pizza, Subway, or a gift card to Wal-Mart.  Anything you can provide will be appreciated.
We hope to have someone from NE State, ETSU, TCAT, Youth Connects, Job Corps and the armed forces to give information.
Invite various organizations:  ETSU, Job Corp, Military branches, etc.

University Student

The Crowning

Families and individuals can honor their elder loved ones who are 70 years or older through a crowning ceremony planned by Celebrate Life Ya’un. 
Bring your crown or let us provide one for you and present it along with testimonials from friends and family about the individual’s life.  Call to create a package for this crowning event.  Why wait until your loved ones are with the Lord to celebrate their glorious life?

Gift Box


Advancing Our Agenda

And a few more of our programs

Stoplight Presentation

  • How to handle emotional intelligence


  • People who have worked their way up from the bottom as presenters at Celebrate Life and how they have impacted the community in a positive way.

Bus Transportation

  • Partner with churches for appointments to probation, jobs, technical school.

Teaching English

  • Help with applications, forms, etc. possibly ETSU education students or retired individuals